Blockchain assets containing “reveal codes” can be sent via Enjin Beam.

When unveiled, these hidden messages can deliver benefits such as discounts, event tickets, access keys, gift cards, and much more.

Reveal codes are simple and seamless:

  • Users scan an Enjin Beam QR code with the Enjin Wallet and receive an ERC-1155 asset straight to their wallet.
  • Tokens containing hidden codes display a “REVEAL CODE” button, which will unveil a special message or code when pressed.
  • Only the wallet’s owner can choose to reveal and view the code.
  • Once a code is revealed, it cannot be hidden again.
  • Users can trade unrevealed codes with each other.

Reveal codes are integrated with the EnjinX. Once a code is revealed, its status will be publicly noted as such on EnjinX. However, only the token holder will be able to view the actual code.

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