How to Buy on Enjin Marketplace

Buying assets on Enjin Marketplace is as simple as scanning a QR code.

  1. Select: When you’ve found an asset you want on Enjin Marketplace, click “BUY.” You’ll be shown the price—click “Purchase” to continue.
    If there are multiple sellers of a fungible token, you will be shown this information along with the associated prices.
  2. Scan: Scan the QR code with your Enjin Wallet app to complete your purchase (or use the "Click Here" button below if you are browsing on a mobile device).
  3. Receive: Once payment is confirmed, your order will be sent directly to your wallet, and you'll be the proud new owner of a shiny ERC-1155 asset!

How to Sell on Enjin Marketplace

List your ERC-1155 assets for sale with just a few taps of the screen.

  1. Select: Navigate to your collectibles in the Enjin Wallet and select an asset you'd like to sell. You will see a “Sell Item” button under each asset’s details (this option can also be seen by clicking the three-dot menu). 
  2. Input Listing Details: Select the desired quantity to sell and set your sale price in ENJ. The equivalent fiat value will show below, or you can tap the currency icon to input a fiat value. You will also need to choose a sending (gas) fee.
  3. Confirm: Confirm the sale details and list your asset. It will now be available for purchase on EnjinX! If you change your mind, you can easily cancel or edit a sale at any time.

All assets you’ve listed will appear at the top of your Enjin Wallet collectibles page in the “Marketplace” platform. 

A 2.5% trading fee will be assessed on all successful sales. This will always be clearly marked before you confirm listing an asset.

How to Remove an Asset from Enjin Marketplace

Removing an ERC-1155 sale from the Enjin Marketplace is just as simple as listing it.

  1. Select: From the collectibles section of your Enjin Wallet, select the Enjin Marketplace platform and search for the asset that you want to cancel sale.
  2. Cancel: In the top right corner of your Enjin Wallet screen, tap the three dots and select "Cancel Sale."
  3. Confirm: Confirm by tapping "Remove" and entering your password. The asset will be removed from the Marketplace momentarily.

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