We offer simple, fair pricing to enable studios and businesses of all sizes to use our Platform. Plans are available on a monthly or annual basis, with annual plans receiving a 20% discount.

In order to subscribe, you will first need an Enjin Platform account. Follow these simple steps to create one. 


Free Plan & Kovan

When signing up on the platform, you are automatically on the "Free Plan." The free plan allows you to view the projects you're part of.

To test our platform for free, sign up on the Kovan Testnet environment, which allows you to create and mint test assets using our web panel UI.

When testing on Kovan, you are not using any real-value, such as Enjin Coin (ENJ) or Ethereum (ETH). Rather, you are using KENJ & KETH.

This is a testing environment that will allow you to get familiar with the platform before investing in a subscription. 


Indie Plan

Aimed at indie game developers and small teams, this plan offers the following:

  • Mainnet access
  • 500 API requests per day
  • Create 1 project 
  • Add 1 team member

Pricing (USD)

  • Monthly: $29.00
  • Annual: $276.00


Pro Plan

Aimed at larger studios and teams, this plan offers the following:

  • Mainnet access
  • 5,000 API requests per day
  • Create 3 projects
  • Add up to 5 team members

Pricing (USD)

  • Monthly: $99.00
  • Annual: $948.00


Cancelling/Upgrading Your Plan

If you wish to upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time, please contact our support team


Using Coupon Codes

To use a valid coupon code, enter it in the coupon code section at the bottom of the subscription page.

Note that coupon codes can only be used after you have added payment information. 



Enterprise Plan

If you're interested in a custom Enterprise plan with a dedicated developer success manager, please contact us

Note: Enjin Platform plan pricing and limits are subject to change. For the most current information, visit our website