You can now swap hundreds of tokens from thousands of available trading pairs in the Enjin Wallet app thanks to the integration of Changelly, Kyber, Bancor, and CoinSwitch platforms.

Simply select "Exchange" from the Enjin Wallet menu.

Choose the token you wish to send and the token you wish to convert to. Available trading pairs will appear according to which token you've chosen to send.

Enter the desired amount to convert or receive. Each relevant exchange will output their best rate for the pair, as well as an estimated time for when the transfer will complete.

Note: ETH is required to pay for gas of all ERC-20 token transfers. In addition to this, certain exchanges require a minimum amount in order to proceed with the transfer, which will be indicated at the top of the screen with the exact amount that is needed.

After you have entered the amount you wish to convert, select the exchange platform you want to use and tap "Convert with [selected exchange]."


Enter your password in order to complete the transfer. You can then view the status of the transfer in the Exchange Log.

Note: You will need to wait 30 seconds between exchanges.

Here's a quick video overview of Enjin Wallet Swap: