Manually Choosing Transaction Fees

ETH, ERC-20 Tokens & ERC-1155 Collectable Assets

For ETH, ERC-20 & ERC-1155 Collectable Assets transactions, use to determine an appropriate gas price to use in order to minimize your transaction fees and ensure successful transactions.

To manually set your sending fee in the Enjin Wallet, enable "Advanced Mode" and enter the SafeLow or Standard Gas Price into the "Gas Gwei" field.

The Safe Low amount can be expected to confirm within 30 minutes, while the Standard amount is expected to confirm within a few minutes.

To manually set your sending fee for ERC-1155 Collectables, enable "Advanced Mode" by tapping the 3 dot menu in the top right corner of your "Send To" screen.



For Bitcoin transactions, use

To manually set your sending fee for BTC transactions, enable "Advanced Mode" and change the "Satoshis per byte" field to match one of the suggested prices from in the left column.

Estimated confirmation times are displayed in the right column.


Automatic Fees

ETH & ERC-20

The Enjin Wallet automatically sets an estimated transaction fee to allow for a quick transaction. If you want a quick transaction but aren't looking to manually check and minimize your fees, then leave the slider at the default sending fee that appears on the sending screen.