Developer mode is a toggleable state that enables additional Enjin Wallet functionality useful for developers along with the ability to save your password per session, among other features.

We do not advise end-users to enable this state.

Features that are accessible while in this mode either add unnecessary complexity to the user experience (such as selecting the network you want to access) or disable important security features for rapid development.

For these reasons, we do not expose the toggleable state until you have completed a specific sequence acknowledging that you understand what you are doing and the risks involved.

To enable Developer mode, navigate to your wallet settings. At the very bottom of the page, you will see the Enjin Wallet version, which will appear something like this: (this will vary depending on which version of the app you are using) 

Tap on the wallet version 10 times. As you go through this process, you will receive notification pop-ups indicating "You are now x steps away from being a developer." after the 10th tap, you will receive the final notification pop-up indicating that "You are now a developer!"

You can then toggle Dev Mode on and off within your Enjin Wallet app settings.