What is nonce?

A transaction nonce is an order number sent with a transaction. The nonce follows the number of transactions made from the sender address and increases by one for every transaction.

Transactions can only be mined and executed sequentially on the blockchain; multiple transactions cannot be mined with the same nonce, and a nonce cannot be skipped. Since a used nonce cannot be confirmed again, the process prevents the possibilities of replay attacks, where the recipient can rebroadcast the same signed transaction repeatedly to drain the sender's wallet.


  1. If you send three transactions with nonce 0, 1, and 2, nonce 1 and 2 will wait until after nonce 0 is confirmed.
  2. If you send three transactions with nonce 0, 0, and 1, only one of the nonce 0 transactions will be able to succeed, and nonce 1 will confirm after.

Resyncing Nonce

On rare occasions, your wallet's nonce may need resyncing due to unmined transactions or other errors causing your transactions to skip a nonce. Consequently, further pending transactions made may not be mined.

Resyncing your nonce can resolve these issues and may also help recreate pending transactions that may be stuck with a low nonce.

To resync your wallet nonce, go to your Enjin Wallet's main screen and select ETH or any ERC-20 token of your preference.


After selecting a token, tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner of your wallet and click the "Resync Nonce" button.


When the resync has been successfully completed, you will receive a "Nonce resync completed" message.