Before proceeding with this import process, be sure to back up your Enjin Wallet and write down your 12-word recovery phrase on paper.

To get started, visit

If you do not yet have MetaMask installed, Click the "Download now" button, and select the appropriate download method (Chrome, Android or iOS). 

Note: For the purpose of this article, we will be showing how to import your wallet using the MetaMask Chrome extension. You can also follow the steps outlined in this article to import your wallet using the Android or iOS methods.


Once installed, click "Import Wallet" under the option "No, I already have a seed phrase."

Enter your 12-word seed phrase from the Enjin Wallet. If you are unsure on how to obtain your seed phrase (Recovery Phrase) from the app, reference this article.

Enter your seed phrase with a single space between each word.


Agree to the terms and click Import to complete the process. 

You will now notice your Ethereum address at the top of the page.