Be sure to back up your Enjin Wallet and write down your recovery phrase.

To import your Enjin Wallet to MyEtherWallet, go to Note that only the vintage (older) version supports the legacy wallet path.

Select the "View Wallet Info" section.

Select the Mnemonic Phrase method to access your wallet, and enter your 12-word recovery phrase into the input box. 

Use one space between each word, no capitals, and no password (this is VERY important)

Then hit "Unlock."

You should then see a pop-up to select the HD derivation path. If your Enjin Wallet was created before the 1.3.7 update (1.2.7 for iOS), select "m/44'/60'/0' Ledger (ETH)" for the HD derivation path. Otherwise, use the first option "m/44'/60'/0'/0.".

If you have completed all steps correctly, your wallet address should appear as the first on the list at the bottom of the pop-up. Select your wallet address and "Unlock your Wallet."