In order to link your newly created project to your wallet, you will first need to enable developer mode in your Enjin Wallet app settings.

To start the linking process, select the project you want to link from the Platform page.

On the left side panel under "Wallet," click the red Please link your wallet prompt, which will bring up the simple steps required to complete the linking process. 

1. Download: Download the Enjin Wallet app from Google Play or the App Store

2. Link: In the "LINKED APPS" section of the Enjin Wallet, you can link your project using either the QR code or unique linking code displayed on the page.

  • Via QR: Scan the QR code displayed on the page.
  • Via linking code: From the "LINKED APPS" section of your wallet, hit the "+ Link App" button and enter your linking code.

Enter your password to confirm, and you will receive an App Linked Successfully confirmation. 

3. Refresh: Click "Refresh" on the Platform page to complete the process.