Note: Before minting, you'll need to "create" (i.e., set up) your asset


Once you've have created an asset with viewable metadata, you can then mint (i.e., "distribute") it.

Select the project you wish to work in and the asset you want to mint. 

Click the "Mint Asset" button. 

You'll first need to link your project to your Enjin Wallet in order to mint.

On the mint page, you will see various information fields, including the asset name, ID, circulating supply, maximum supply, ENJ reserve, and supply type. 

Under the "Mint Details" section, enter the quantity of assets you wish to mint and the wallet address you want to send them to. Upon clicking the "Mint Asset" button, you will receive a brief pop-up prompting you to accept the asset creation  request in your wallet. 

Note: You can only mint maximum 150 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) per transaction. If you wish to mint over 150 NFTs, you will receive this notice: "Multiple transactions will be created due to blockchain limitations on the number of NFTs that can be minted in a single transaction."

Under the Requests tab in the wallet, accept the asset creation request and "Confirm Mint." 


The transaction will then process on the blockchain begin minting the asset to the specified address.

Once the transaction has completed, the asset will successfully appear in the wallet Collectibles section.

You can also search for the asset or corresponding wallet address on EnjinX.