A multiverse asset is an in-game blockchain asset that can be used across multiple games.

Depending on individual design choices made by game developers, multiverse assets can retain their appearance across games (e.g., a sword in one game is also a sword in another game), or they can change in appearance (e.g., a sword in one game becomes a gun in another).

Multiverse assets can have “shared” metadata variables, meaning they can be leveled up. For example, a sword that is upgraded in one game would be upgraded in another; a character that is leveled up in one game is also leveled up across all games within a multiverse.

Aside from their reserve value, multiverse assets offer an additional layer of security: If a game that is part of a multiverse fails or shuts down for any reason, multiverse assets can still be used in other participating multiverse games.

Nearly any “regular” in-game asset can be a multiverse asset. Here are a few categories and examples:

  • Items: A sword that can be used in Games A, B, and C.
  • CharactersAn in-game character that can be leveled across multiple games.
  • Pets: A cat that follows a player in any game.
  • Vehicles: A car that can be used across multiple games.
  • NPCs: A sidekick that follows and helps a player across multiple games.

See a multiverse asset in action: