Sending Coins

Select the coin you wish to send, and tap "SEND" or use the green arrow button in the bottom left corner.

Enter the receiver's address or custom ENS domain (for Ethereum-based transactions). Choose the amount to send and use the sliding button to set a sending fee.

Press "Next Step," confirm the details, and "Send Now."

Sending Blockchain Assets

To send a blockchain asset, navigate to your wallet's Assets section. Select the item you wish to send, and tap "SEND" in the asset options menu bar.

Enter the intended recipient's Ethereum wallet address or custom ENS domain, select the sending fee, and press "Next Step."

Input your password or fingerprint option to complete the transaction.


Batch Sending Blockchain Assets

You can now send multiple blockchain assets to a single wallet address in one transaction. Navigate to the "Collectibles" section in the wallet. Tap the "MULTISEND" button, or select a specific asset to send. 

On the multisend page, select other assets (and quantities) you wish to send in the transaction.

You can send both fungible and non-fungible assets together in the same transaction.

Once you've selected all of the assets you wish to send, tap "SEND." Enter the address you wish to send the items to, set a sending fee, then enter your password or use your fingerprint to complete the transaction. 

Note: You can only send up to 100 unique assets in one transaction in the wallet.