The Enjin Translator Program is a voluntary program for translating Enjin's suite of products.

The program brings together dedicated Enjin community and team members to localize our products and make them accessible to users across the world.


Supported Languages

The Enjin Wallet, Explorer, Marketplace, and Platform currently support the following languages: Spanish (es-ES); Catalan (ca); Chinese Simplified (zh-CN); Czech (cs); Dutch (dt); English, United Kingdom (en-GB); French; (fr); Filipino (fil); German (de); Greek (el); Hebrew (he); Hindi (hi); Italian (it); Japanese (jp); Korean (ko); Polish (po); Portuguese, Brazilian (pt-BR); Romanian (ro); Serbian; and Slovak (sk).

We are currently in need of translators for the following language(s):

  • Russian¬†
  • Turkish

If you'd like to get involved or learn more about the program, please contact us.


Notice a translation error?

We're always working to improve our translations. If you notice an error, let us know here.