The Trusted Cloud is the main backend service of the Enjin Platform. It is a cloud-hosted service that connects games to the Ethereum blockchain.

The Trusted Cloud acts as a hub, gathering requests from clients and game servers, interacting with smart contracts on Ethereum and returning data back to the game. It also manages the link between users’ game accounts (e.g., SteamID, Xbox Live) and their blockchain identity (e.g., currently linked blockchain wallet address).

There are two separate Trusted Cloud servers: Testnet and Mainnet.

  • Testnet is an Ethereum test network where Ethereum and Enjin Coin do not carry any value and it’s easy to obtain any amount of either. Testnet offers an inexpensive way for you to prototype and test out your creations before taking them to production.
  • Mainnet is the real Ethereum network; transactions on it cost real cryptocurrency. You should be very comfortable with your implementation on Testnet before doing anything substantial on Mainnet.