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Viewing Enjin Blockchain Governance Staking balances on Blockchain Explorers



  • John

    A few questions for clarity if you could,

    1. The hyperlink for Step 3 (Degens Collection page) brings you to the Degens with collection ID 1, and they all have "unknown collection" and "unknown token" showing. Should we just select the token from this collection that corresponds to the token from collection ID 2 (Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network high-precision Web3 explorer) ? i.e. if you have 2-5, then just select 1-5 here instead?

    2. Step 4 says to navigate to your wallet. Do you mean the wallet which we transferred the ENJ from, or the wallet which we transferred the ENJ to (i.e. the Pool#...stash)?


  • Etay

    Hi John,

    Thank you for your questions!

    1. We appreciate your patience and understand that it can be confusing currently. We're working on an update for the Enjin Wallet that will include the "Pool ID" in the staking pool overview screen. Once this update is live, you'll be able to easily determine the pool id with the corresponding nomination pool, making it clearer which pool to look for on Subscan.

    2. In Step 4, when we mention navigating to your wallet address, we're referring to the wallet from which you staked your ENJ. You can find this address by following the guide here: Finding your Enjin Relaychain wallet address.

    I hope this answers your questions. If you have any more, feel free to ask!



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